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MSU News & Notes | Friday, October 26, 2012

A TON of News and Notes from around the world of Mississippi State sports for you today, including the #WeBelieve movement, SEC basketball media days, FWtCT ON DA ESPN MOMMA!, more links for Saturday's showdown, baseball scrimmage times, and much more.

I have NOTHING to say this morning in addition to the News and Notes, only this:

The Hangover Who let the Dogs out (via Rekrap34)

  • You'd have to be blind, deaf, or an Ole Miss fan to not be excited about MSU football right now. The national media and whoever else out there can say what they want about MSU's football team or whether or not we will win Saturday, but I guaran-damn-tee you that they can't say that we don't have one of the most supportive fan bases out there. And one of the best social media friendly fan bases, either. Late Wednesday night, Student Association president Shelby Balius started a #WeBelieve movement around campus, which started with some banners on Montgomery Hall, Sonny Montgomery's statue, and several other places around campus. And over the course of the day Thursday, the movement absolutely exploded not only around Starkville but in the Bulldog fan base all around the country, and pictures of We Believe can pouring in from everywhere. Lot's of creativity, but most importantly, it shows how great this fan base is. And I cannot say enough how proud I am to be a part of it. Oh, and if you wonder if the players are aware of it or not?

  • You can also view a collage of some of the best signs sent in to MSU, or you can also just check out the #WeBelieve hashtag on Twitter to see all the signs.
  • Yesterday was the SEC basketball media days, and both new MSU basketball coaches Rick Ray and Vic Schaefer traveled to Birmingham for the day to talk with the media about the upcoming seasons. You can check out the quotes from coach Ray's talk here, as well as the video and quotes from coach Schaefer's time at the SEC offices yesterday. You can also check out a picture gallery from the full day right here. Here's the video of coach Ray's chat yesterday:

  • One of the biggest notes from Rick Ray's talk yesterday was on Fr. guard Fred Thomas' health:

  • That's huge news, especially for a roster as thin as ours, but more importantly because of how talented Thomas is.
  • Hey! We were on da ESPN last night momma! No joke, the guys at the late night ESPNU show Unite invited For Whom the Cowbell Tolls' very own Justin Sutton, who you may also know from his outstanding show on Bulldog Sports Radio "The Daily Grind", on to debate/discuss the big game this weekend. We'll have video up on the blog here shortly for you guys. A really cool deal!
  • With all of the focus set squarely on Tuscaloosa this weekend, John Cohen and the diamond dogs will host a trio of scrimmages this weekend at Dudy Noble Field. The scrimmages are open to the public. I would suggest you follow @MsStateBaseball this weekend for updates.
  • ESPN's Andy Katz reporting yesterday that the new Champions Bowl will reportedly announce its' host city next week, which will either be New Orleans or Arlington. From the ESPN report:

The Champions Bowl was created by the SEC and Big 12 as a postseason home for each league's champion. If the SEC or Big 12 champion advances to the national semifinals, each conference would then provide another team for the Champions Bowl.

The Champions Bowl also will be part of the national playoff semifinal rotation during the 12-year term, starting after the 2014 regular season. The first game with the SEC-Big 12 pairing will be Jan. 1, 2015.

That's is for today's News and Notes, folks. Hope you have a great Maroon Friday, and keep that #WeBelieve spirit alive! Speaking of Peyton Manning, let's end this thing with one of the best SNL skits ever in your FRIDAY BONUS VIDEO: