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The Numbers Game - Sacks

Tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.

Will MSU put pressure on the young Kentucky quarterback(s)? I don't know. Chris Wilson hasn't exactly been in a blitzing mood through the first 4 games.

Denico Autry has only recorded one sack so far, but you can tell from watching him he is a good player...those numbers might start rising once we get into the thick of SEC play and more pressure is applied to the opposing backfield.

Right now, Mississippi State is tied with Florida for last in the SEC with only 5 sacks. Considering the skill level of the Gators' D maybe this isn't a bad place to be? I don't know, but the Dawgs are certainly a ways away from South Carolina's 22 so far.

On the plus side, the offense is first in sacks allowed with only two. One sack every two games? I'll take it! We are a long way from Ole Miss' 16 allowed...yikes - Bo Wallace getting hit in the mouth.

Pressure - State needs it in conference play. Maybe not so much this week, but it wouldn't hurt. Against Tennessee it will be a big deal, and sacks could be the result. Big, physical D-line, let's gets some sacks.

Offensive line, good job. Tyler Russell, way to get rid of the ball without getting sacked, but let's also try to get rid of it without getting knocked down too often.