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MSU News & Notes | Friday, October 5, 2012

All the news and notes from around Bulldog country, which today includes Power O, 2014 football recruiting news, Maroon Madness promo video, baseball tid bits, a local connection on "that Packers-Seahawks play", Champions of Change, Bulldogs in the MLB playoffs, and much more.

I will admit that I've woefully slacked some on News and Notes lately, but today's N&N will totall redee.... well, why don't I just let our friends Harry and Lloyd tell you (I'm Lloyd in this situation):

Dumb and Dumber (via Carlos Arellano)

Let's get these news and notes! /misses high five to you

  • The play that gashed Kentucky last week and helped power the South Carolina comeback? It's called the Power O. And South Carolina isn't the first team to have success with it against UK this year. Oh, by the way, what is a part of State's offense? Why, the Power O is. Expect to see it early and often Saturday.
  • MSU cornerback Darius Slay isn't just getting the attention of those here in the south, he is now grabbing attention from people all over the country, including New York. Here's a good profile on Slay from The Daily Orange.
  • Have you ordered Kyle Veazey's "Champions of Change" book yet? I am planning to order mine today.
  • Wednesday we told you that State was set to host Maroon Madness next weekend in downtown Starkville. Now don't listen to what we have to say, let the teams tell you about it:

Maroon Madness Promo B ball (via mstateathletics)

  • Congratulations to all 6 former diamond dogs whose teams have made the Major League Baseball playoffs, but a huge congrats to Buck Showalter. Showalter has done a marvelous job this season with the Orioles, who face off against former MSU 1B/OF/P Mitch Moreland and the Texas Rangers in a one game wild card tonight at 7:30.
  • You remember that abomination of a call to end the Packers-Seahawks game last week, right? Even though you knew it was a bad call, you probably didn't know that the guy who really caught the ball, Packers' M.D. Jennings, grew up a Mississippi State fan. Jennings, who played in Calhoun City, was recruited by both MSU and Ole Miss, but both backed off due to his size in HS. Jennings says he grew up at State fan, but settled for Hugh Freeze's Arkansas State, as they were his only D1 offer.
  • Considered to be one of the best in the Mississippi High School football class of 2014, 4* Newton County athlete Jamoral Graham is already a highly sought after recruit. Despite MSU Scout's story Wednesday that Graham had committed to Mississippi State, his HS coach tells the Clarion-Ledger's John Talty that that is not yet the case. Graham's coach, Jackie Williamson, told Talty this:
  • "He is leaning that way, he is liking what they are saying but he has not verbally committed to them," Williamson said. "I met with him this morning about it and he told me ‘My phone got lit up 14 times last night' after the report.

    "He hasn't committed with anybody yet."

  • Speaking of 2014 prospects, Scout yesterday released their Top 300 for the class of 2014. 5 Mississippi players, including Graham who's mentioned above, made the initial Top 300. There are 25 players in the top 300 considering Mississippi State, including #2 overall OL Cameron Robinson of West Monroe, Louisiana. (via John Talty, C-L)
  • A shot of the progress being made in the north endzone expansion, via AD Stricklin:


  • A link that was sent over to us on JUCO MLB Larry Butler III, who is considering Mississippi State, among others (Bulter story about mid way down the page)
  • Some more thoughts from Perfect Game's Kendall Rogers on Mississippi State's 2013 edition of the diamond dogs:

That's all for today's News and Notes. Have a great weekend WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT FRIDAY BONUS VIDEO:

The Black Keys - Tighten Up [Official Music Video] (via theblackkeys)