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The Junction Journal: Vol. 1 Issue 5

Playing Kentucky means one thing: Drinking bourbon. Lots of it.


I don't consider myself some kind of alcohol aficionado. I drink what I think tastes good, which in my case is usually beer. However, bourbon whiskey has always been a favorite of mine. I've gone through various stages of bourbon drinking in my life. From living on the cheap in college with Evan Williams and Old Crow to refining my bourbon and cokes with Maker's Mark as a post-grad. Now, I live in New Orleans, a city crazy about cocktails, so I've had bourbon in more ways (even Bacon Bourbon) than I can remember. Still, it is a drink that I had for the first time at the Secret Society Lounge in Portland, Oregon that remains my favorite bourbon cocktail of all-time.

The Kentucky Mule

Toss some ice in a glass

1 1/2 oz. bourbon (my choice is Bulleit, pictured above)

Fill with Reed's ginger beer (found in most grocery/beer stores)

Splash with fresh lime juice

Garnish with a lime wedge