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Week 6 Saturday College Football Schedule, TV info, Viewing Guide, and Scores

There are quite a few good games on today, so let the viewing guide help you decide which ones are worth watching!

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This is it. This is what we've practiced for. Those first 5 weeks? Merely a tune up for what comes today. For today is a glorious day, full of outstanding college football game after outstanding college football game. LSU at Florida, Georgia at South Carolina, West Virginia at Texas. Lord-a-mercy! [fans self]

There is going to be so many choices today, so we're here to provide you with some suggestions on which games you should definitely be tuned into as week 6 of the college football season invades your television screen.

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Week 5 picks review

3-4 [Got: Texas A&M, Ohio State, Texas . Missed: West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona]

Season to date: 8-6

I missed some games pretty badly last week, as Baylor, Tennessee, and Ole Miss all kept their games more interesting with superior opponents than I thought they would. Arizona... well clearly I put too much stock in them, and not enough stock in #BeaverJuice. You can really motivate a group of young men when you tell them you're going to In-N-Out after the game. The good news is that I didn't completely whiff in week 5, as I did predict the A&M, Ohio State, and Texas games correctly.

What We're Watching Today [All Times Central, Y'all]

With Breakfast

College Gameday - ESPN - 8a.m. to 11a.m.

The gang rolls into Columbia, South Carolina this weekend as they prepare for the biggest SEC East matchup since... well it's been awhile. I'm not really sure what to expect today in Columbia: although I know I will expect at least 45,000 people around the country to look at the guest celebrity picker and say "hey, it's Hootie!" He's not Hootie people, his name is Darius Rucker. And when he's not busy serenading you about how you should not think that he does not think about it, he's a big Gamecock fan. He'll pick South Carolina, the crowd will go wild, and Lee Corso will lean over and ask Fowler what year it is. I don't know who all the gang will pick in this big week of games, but I do know one thing: David Pollack is being groomed to replace Corso, and I just flat out do not like it at all.

Blue Grass Battle

(19) Mississippi State at Kentucky - SEC Network - 11:21a.m.

Can State avoid the trap game to start 5-0? Can Kentucky stop the Power O? How will the two freshman QBs perform? All these questions and more will be answered in just a few short hours in Lexington, Kentucky as the Dogs travel in, hoping to remain undefeated. I expect to get Kentucky's best. Even if they aren't the most talented team in the SEC, they have fight, and that counts for something when you're playing at home. I think Kentucky will hang tough in the early going, but eventually the MSU secondary makes those young QBs make some mistakes, and State begins to put distance between us and the Wildcats.

Spread - Mississippi State by 10

How I'd bet [hypothetically] - I will definitely take State to cover here. I think this game stays a bit too close for comfort for awhile, but eventually youth gives way to talent, and State pulls away.

Geaux (to The Swamp)

(4) LSU at (10) Florida - CBS - 2:30p.m.

It's safe to say that LSU has sleep-walked through the season thus far. But then again, does it really matter? This team has traditionally played ugly in the games that don't matter, and big time in the games that do. I expect much of the same Saturday as the purple and gold invade the swamp to take on a Florida team that to me is a year or two ahead of the success schedule. Jeff Driskel is talented, but how will he do against that LSU secondary? The QB position will be the deciding factor Saturday, and despite shaving off his mustache, I'm going with Mettenburger in this one.

Spread - LSU by 2.5

How I'd bet [hypothetically] - .LSU covers, winning by 10 in a game that is ugly but yet oh so pretty to watch to an SEC fan #defense

Two TV's Required

(5) Georgia at (6) South Carolina - ESPN - 6p.m.

The big game of the day? Yes, although I'm personally more excited about the previous game. Both teams to me have something to prove: Georgia - that their defense is as good as has been said and not what was showed last week, and South Carolina - that they can protect Connor Shaw against that Georgia front. I think this game lives up to its billing, but in the end I see Lattimore - a finally healthy Lattimore - being the difference in what should be a tight game.

Spread - South Carolina by 1.5

How I'd bet [hypothetically] -South Carolina covers, and wins by a touchdown.

(8) West Virginia at (11) Texas - FOX - 6p.m.

Was West Virginia that good last week, or Baylor's defense that bad? There's no question that Geno Smith is for real, but we find out tonight what kind of numbers he can put up against a real defense [miss you, Manny]. Texas seems to have gotten back into the offensive groove itself this season, and could turn this into a game where both teams score into the 40s or 50s. I say it goes into the 40s, but I just think that Geno Smith and Dana Holgorsen have too much for Texas to hang.

Spread - Texas by 7

How I'd bet [hypothetically] - Texas does not cover, as West Virginia goes in a wins, proving to the country that they are the real deal holyfield.

Night Cap

(23) Washington at (2) Oregon - ESPN - 9:30p.m.

After watching those last 3 games, there's a chance you may need to cash out for the day, collect your thoughts, and further reflect on what you witnessed. But if you're still in the mood for football, then we have a late night POINTS! treat for you. Oregon plays yet another team at home, and I would expect them to get yet another impressive win... at home. Washington is getting there, but the team that beat Stanford is not capable in my mind of going into the Autzen Zoo and winning.

Spread - Oregon by 24

How I'd bet [hypothetically] - Oregon covers, winning by at least 31.

Saturday Scoreboard