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MSU News & Notes | Thursday, November 1, 2012

All of your MSU News and Notes from around the world of MSU sports, fresh off the press, just like ya like em.


That is what you will find here today. Oh and you'll also find some Halloween twitter treats that I spotted last night as people were making their way out and about.

Hope you're all having a great week, and I'm sure like myself you're ready to get back into Davis Wade Saturday and see if Mississippi State can get back on the winning side of things. Here are your News and Notes for Thursday:

  • You might be a tad confused as to why we're running basketball preview material on the site this week in the midst of a huge game week prior to Texas A&M, but let me remind you now that basketball season will soon be upon us. State's basketball team, featuring first year head coach Rick Ray and an enormous cast of new faces, will kick off the season on Friday, November 9th, against Troy to kick off the Rick Ray era. Last night, the team held a 20 minute scrimmage, which was open to the media. Coach Ray saw some good things, along with some bad, and I think it's safe to say that there will definitely be growing pains this season. But it seems like there are going to be some very bright spots on this roster, even if for the long term and not necessarily this season. All in all, there is so much anonymity with this team, I think a lot of us are ready for them to hit the court, even if we don't except them to be hugely successful, just so we can see what they'll have. We will get that chance in just over a week.
  • Yesterday was SEC teleconference day, and Coach Mullen came on to talk about the visiting Aggies, who come to Starkville this weekend for a huge matchup with State. Coach Mullen discussed Johnny Manziel, A&M's underrated defense, and quite a lot more in this week's chat, I'd suggest you check it out.
  • Not to be outdone by the MSU fans from last week, LSU fans were like LOL Nick Saban statue, NEEDS MORE TIGER TAIL. Those guys literally do not care.
  • This is pretty good. An SBNation B1G blog puts out it's Power Poll but a more scary movie themed poll than usual. Some good ones in there, and some movies that "seriously, they made that?" 100000 bonus points for Gary Busey as a homicidal Gingerbread Man. No, seriously.
  • No big deal, just Phillip Rivers growin' a mustache.
  • Brad Locke, with a closer look at Chris Smith and his 2012 season.

That's all I have for today folks. But before I let you go, bonus Halloween tweets!