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Overly Positive MSU Basketball Report - Week 1

Check your negatives at the door, we only talk about the positives happening on the floor.

Who wants to talk about the positives of MSU basketball?  Rick does.... no, the other one.
Who wants to talk about the positives of MSU basketball? Rick does.... no, the other one.
Wesley Hitt

Hello friends. You may be asking yourselves, what in the crap am I reading? Well, you are reading the first installment of a new series here at FWtCT called the Overly Positive MSU Basketball Report. In anticipation of how long this season will probably be for our Bulldog basketball squad, we decided that we would devise a weekly post that talked of only the positives of MSU basketball, because there may be many negatives. But we won't discuss those here. Will this series be slightly delusional? Yes. Overly homeric? Absolutely. Will we talk so much about what this team is doing right that you may conclude that they have a shot to win it all? Hopefully we will draw the line before that point, but if we don't, please check us in to a 'facility'. So without further adieu, I give you week 1's review through the eyes of the Overly Positive MSU Basketball Report.


2012 Record to Date: 0-1

Last Week: Troy 56, MSU 53

Okay, so State's season didn't get off to a great start, as the Bulldogs dropped their opening game against the Troy Trojans on Friday night. But what's different about that start and starts in previous seasons under Rick Stansbury? That's right, an early season loss is nothing new, and Rick Ray's squad this season is playing with much less talent than previous MSU squads, and much less depth as well. This team, through it's first two games, has shown that they will play with fight and effort, which is far more than last year's squad could say. We've talked about this times before, and we will discuss it again at times along the way this season, but positives will most likely be measured in places outside of the win column this year, but that's fine with us. State showed us Friday night that although the team is thin and young, they won't go down without a fight this season, which is certainly a huge positive to carry forward.

Stat of the Week

Steals vs. Troy, 5 - The Bulldogs, despite playing without Roquez Johnson who was out with a concussion, were able to play pretty good defense against the Trojans. One area that State was able to out-perform Troy was in the steals category, registering 5 steals to Troy's 4. Jalen Steele, as expected, led the way in this category with 2 steals of his own, while freshmen Fred Thomas, Trivante Bloodman, and Craig Sword all had 1 a piece.

Player of the Week

Jalen Steele, Guard - Who else could it have been after Friday night? Steele will be called on to be the main man this season, and in Friday night's opening game, he led the way in almost all categories. Steele had 16 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals all in 34 minutes of play.

Improvement from last Week

This is not applicable for this report, as State just played their first game. Normally though we will talk about what facet of the game the team has improved the most in from the previous week. Will probably discuss effort and/or h

Delusional Ranking this Week

6. We're pretty down to earth at this point, BUT WATCH OUT, if State grabs a win this week, we might proclaim this team the best of all time. Okay, we will try not to go that far.