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MSU to debut new adizero uniforms tonight against North Carolina at Maui Invitational

These jerseys will be featured throughout the season as a change of pace from MSU's new maroon and white jerseys from Adidas.

Mississippi State announced this afternoon that the team will debut its new adidas adizero uniforms tonight as they take on the North Carolina Tar Heels at the Maui Invitational. Here's some more information on the jerseys from the official MSU release just a short while ago:

The adidas adizero uniforms are 32 percent lighter than previous Bulldog uniforms and are designed to reduce weight and add breathability to keep players lighter and faster on the court.

The jersey features uniform technology that adidas first introduced in the NBA. The technology reduces seams, decreases friction between the garment and the player's skin, and optimizes the player's natural movement through specially constructed material. The CLIMACOOL fabric moves heat and sweat away from the body for optimal moisture-wicking and breathability to keep the jersey from becoming heavy during intense sweating.

The adizero uniform short is unlined to eliminate unnecessary weight and provide a more comfortable, closer fit with compression base layers. The short's stretch woven material works with the body's natural movement to increase mobility during quick lateral movements and sprints.

My thoughts

Personally, I like them. Even though the shorts look a bit like the thin material that makes up the running shorts that I wear to jog (soft j), the tops looks sharp. I also like the shoes, even if I may be the only one in that corner on them. There will be complaining and moaning about "OH WE NEVER PLAY WELL IN BLACK JERSEYS", then fans will remember that we are down to 6 scholarship players for this trip, and the black jerseys really won't inhibit our odds at claiming a victory. I take it from the school's statement that these will be worn numerous times throughout the year, which makes sense. If you are going to get them, why wear them just one time? Which reminds me, I plan to make that plea to Stricklin for us to wear those Snow Bowl helmets in the bowl game this year.

Anyways, what do you guys think of the new threads?