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FWtCT Picks the SEC - Week 10

See who the guys are taking in the tenth weekend of SEC football.

For the 1st time since the BCSNCG, Saban and Miles will duel for SEC and National supremacy
For the 1st time since the BCSNCG, Saban and Miles will duel for SEC and National supremacy
Kevin C. Cox

Another week down, another set of games picked, and the standings continue to shake up even further. After picking the 9th set of SEC football games this weekend, let's take a look at how our For Whom the Cowbell Tolls contributor picks standings sits:


Despite a mediocre week of picking, Winston County's Finest still sits on tip, edging out T Braden Bishop by a game for the king of the mountain. After those two it's C.G. Mosley in third, myself (thecristilmethod) in 4th, followed by Metal Building Dawg, Justin Sutton, and JLgrindin in 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively. Bringing up the back end are Rob Nola Dog and The Bruce Dickinson, who both are still well within range to make noise in the final weeks of the season. Now, let's take a glance at who everyone is picking for this weekend.

  • For week 9, 5-2 was the name of the game, as no one had a perfect week of picking. Seven out of nine of us picked at a 5-2 clip, while I only picked 4 of seven correctly and Justin picked just three out of seven right. Everyone looks to pick the pace back up this weekend as the games for week 10 present a seemingly easier set of games to pick (seemingly, at least).
  • A pretty yawn week pick wise, although it should be a good set of games. Unanimous picks this week are: Florida, Arkansas, Auburn Georgia, and Alabama. Yes, that's right, everyone is picking against The Hat! I did too, although I feel like I might be regretting it late Saturday as he puffs his victory cigar in his home smoking chair while listening to the Reading Rainbow theme song on loop.
  • Marked under the "almost unanimous" category, C.G. Mosley and The Bruce Dickinson believe Kentucky can overtake Vanderbilt at home, while The Bruce Dickinson also believes the fighting Men of Troy have what it takes to beat Tennessee in Knoxville. I thought Troy was a pretty good team too, but I don't know if I believe that they are that good. Tennessee is not that bad of a ball club (offensively).
  • In the last but certainly not least game of the week, Mostly everyone is picking Mississippi State to beat Texas A&M this weekend. Justin Sutton and JLgrindin seem to think otherwise, however, as they have taken the Aggies, but remember this and be comforted: Justin also picked Tennessee earlier this season. Should work out just fine!

That's who we are picking this week in the SEC. Who do you guys and girls have winning in this weekend's games?