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MSU News & Notes | Friday, November 2, 2012

All of the News and Notes from around the world of MSU sports, including basketball's preseason press conference, the lineage of lineman, SOUR RANKINGS, Robert Earl Keen, Flight, and more.

IT'S FRIDAY SONS, finally. After working all week and anxiously awaiting Bulldog Bash and another home game at Davis Wade, it's finally here, and we can enjoy ourselves again. I'm quite interested to see a few things this weekend - one being Eli Young (if I get to town early enough), another being how State's defense will match up against Johnny Manziel. I'm also curious to see how we respond in the face of a loss. State hasn't had to deal with that this season, so it will be interesting to see how they respond. I think it certainly helps to be back at home for a big game like this one, but State will definitely need to bring their A game if they want to take down Texas A&M. As we finish out the week of preparation for A&M, the basketball team's first exhibition, Bulldog Bash, and more, here are your Friday News and Notes:

  • After holding a team scrimmage open to the media on Wednesday, Coach Rick Ray and a few players met with the media yesterday to discuss the upcoming season. Roquez Johnson, Jalen Steele, and Wendell Lewis all joined coach Ray at the press table and talked about Rick (Ray)'s style of offense, how he pushes you to be better, what they expect out of themselves this season, among other things. You can also check out some observations from the scrimmage from my man Bob Carksadon here as well.
  • On the women's side of things, Coach Vic Schaefer is expecting to rely heavily on youth this season, but he's pushing that that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • A good read on the lineage of solid offensive lineman that have come through Mississippi State under line coach John Hevesy.
  • Q&A with Corey Broomfield, talking A&M prep, recovery post-Alabama, and more.
  • I think next week I'm going to start a SOUR rankings, which will basically be a reverse of Power Rankings with the worst team at the top. LOOKIN AT YOU, CHEEZIT.
  • Dangit Robert Earl Keen was at Hal & Mal's last week and I missed it.
  • I'm really excited about seeing Denzel Washington's new movie Flight soon, and hey look here's something Grantland-ish written about how the movie will grab some Oscars.
  • Bruce Feldman isn't picking State for this weekend, but WHATEVA BRUCIE /in Tracy Morgan Longest Yard voice

That's it for today and this week, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all have a great weekend, be safe if you're heading up to Starkville or just getting out on the road this weekend, and if you hit Bulldog Bash tonight just remember, THAT PROBABLY AIN'T CHERRY KOOL-AID IF A STRANGER GIVES IT TO YOU. Be safe, boys and girls.


Eli Young Band - Crazy Girl: Live from The Kat House (via 969thekat)