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MSU News & Notes | Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few housekeeping notes this morning to go along with your daily dose of links, funnies, and everything else we can find, with most of it pertaining to Mississippi State sports.

Tweet for the day (Marcello had asked for best Egg Bowl attendance stories):

And finally for today, I have a few housekeeping items that need to be addressed (nothing serious, no one is in trouble, the blog isn't breaking up, etc.). You've notice that we have done an MSU News & Notes post, for the most part, every weekday morning throughout football season. I did so in my best attempt to bring you guys and girls links and thoughts on the happenings in and around the world of Mississippi State sports, so that you may start your day even just a tad bit more informed.

But this post takes time each day to put together, and is not something, at least for now, that I see myself being able to carry on on a daily basis through basketball and baseball seasons. So, in lieu of a daily post such as this, starting next week we will keep all MSU News & Notes in a storystream, which will be pinned to the top of our page. Big news will, as we usually do now, get its own post, while smaller news bits will still be grouped together in a single post. The difference will be the frequency as to which news is posted. It won't be each morning at 5 as it has been, it will be more spread throughout the day. But the good news is that it will all be grouped together in that storystream, and thus will still be very easy for you to find on our site. If this causes an inconvenience to any of our readers, I apologize.

There is a possibility of picking up and doing 3 N&N posts a week in the spring, but I'm not leaning towards that at this time. I am always open to hearing from anyone who would be interested in putting together daily links and thoughts for us the site, but I doubt there is such a person out there with the desire to put together such a post, ha.

One final item before we get kicked off today: today's N&N will be the last one of the week. Due to preparations for Thanksgiving Day traveling and visiting with family, I will not be to where I can post News and Notes on Thursday or Friday. If that changes, I will let you guys know. But for now, don't count on anything tomorrow morning or Friday morning. All 3 of you that typically read it are completely distraught, I know.

That's it for today's News and Notes, folks. Happy hump day and go to hell Mississippi!