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State Fans, Back Off the Ledge!

Stacy Revere

I realize we live in a time where information comes fast, decisions are made quickly, and emotions fly off the shelf. But good grief Bulldog nation, take a step back.

I have seen enough "we suck" to to start a vacuum company. How many folks said, "we will never be good" yesterday? Since when do Mississippi State fans call for coach's heads when the team is 7-2? I had a State fan tweet me the hashtag #failstate yesterday - why would you do that, you want State to fail? Saw a message board poster say we are a "BAD football team" 7-2, I kind of like being 'BAD'. Comment from our facebook page...

I've been a loyal state fan for twenty years. Today was the day I decided I don't know if I can take anymore.

On Thursday, Brad Locke wrote an article which was critical of Chris Wilson. State fans didn't like it. 48 hours later some of those same people say they want a new defensive coordinator. Can you say prisoners of the moment?

Look, we all have a right to be critical. If you don't like what's going on and this game was your tipping point, then so be it. But stick to it. If we play well at LSU, or if we beat Arkansas or Ole Miss, don't jump back on board. If you're going to give up on Wilson or Keonning or Mullen then jump ship for good and don't come back. If you want Mullen fired right now, don't change your mind when things start turning around.

What I find so amazing is how the same folks that fell all over themselves to say #webelieve are the same ones throwing stones. I'm sure these people change their mind on who they'll vote for after each commercial they see. They have one bad day at work after a year of good days and they're ready to quit. They eat at a diner everyday but have one bad meal and swear to never come back.

Perhaps Winstoncountysfinest said it best when he told me "I don't want the fans to give their hopes up only to be disappointed again". I thought State fans were mature enough to get pumped up without thinking this team was on the verge of a national championship. This meltdown is embarrassing.

Have a little stability. Did the A&M beating make you all of the sudden realize we played a weak schedule the first seven games? There was nothing wrong with believing State could beat Alabama, there was no reason not to. But it was true - we didn't truly know how good this team was. We know a little more now on where we stand....but you've got to have a little perspective. State is not the 11th best team in the country, the schedule just allowed for a quick start. But they aren't the worst either, we did beat seven teams after all...that is still the same team that played Alabama and A&M.

It's definitely time for MSU to back off the hashtags. We didn't just lose the last two games, we got our lunch handed to us. There is a number of reasons why that happened, but there's really no reason to start thinking the Dawgs forgot how to play football or the coaches forgot how to coach. There's been a few times in my life where I was doing pretty well and then I had to eat a slice of humble pie. But I learned from it and got better. That is what MSU will have to do.

Don't give up. Don't wrap yourself so tightly around the last thing that happened that you lose all perspective on the season, the program as a whole. If you are ready to throw in the towel, then leave it in the hamper...don't change your mind. If you believe a coach needs to go, make that your stance but don't watch the next game and have an epiphany that he's all of the sudden a good coach again. Don't eat up everything Mullen says one week and then claim he can't hack it the next. Stay on the bandwagon or get off, but don't be swayed every time the slightest thing happens.