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PLEASE VOTE TODAY... Football or Basketball in November?

Today is the big day in the United States, but what do you prefer when November rolls around: football or basketball?


Voting typically occurs the Tuesday after the first Monday each November. What's crazy is college basketball tips off around the same time every year, too. Let's not factor in the NFL or NBA... let's keep this strictly college football and basketball.

Which sport are you feeling when the seasons begin to change? Let's break each one down:

Let's take a look at football. Teams are commonly separating themselves from the pack when November shows up. Lots of teams are fighting for six wins while most teams are just playing for pride and a few are cruising along. A select few play in November for future title hopes in a conference, the BCS, or maybe even a national championship. "Fans" of football often give up and throw in the towel when the eleventh month out of the year starts, but November is one month like no other when it comes to the pigskin. November is rivalry month. Mississippi State-Ole Miss, Alabama-LSU, Texas-Texas A&M, Nebraska-Oklahoma, and the list goes on. Thanksgiving with family often means fond (or not so fond) memories of college football. That's a tradition that is hard to replace with any other sport.

And now, basketball. Round ball is looked at as a fresh start to a lot of college fans. First, it features inside conditions that appeal to a completely different fan base. That type of difference really resounds with the older, sometimes cold-natured, fans. Second, it carries a lot more chances to catch a game than football does. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are filled with opportunities to watch your favorite team battle many different opponents from so many different conferences. But is this too much basketball? Is less really more when it comes to sports? Basketball haters sometimes claim the season gets old and often monotonous. Regardless, when you feel that nip in the air the college basketball season is here.

Now, it's left up to you... the American people. The fans of all college athletics. Hard-hitting football or passion-filled basketball?

Of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.