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2012-13 FWtCT Bracketology: First Edition

On the eve of college hoops tipping off, it's time to unveil our projected NCAA tournament bracket.

Andy Lyons

Last week I gave you the SEC hoops breakdown, now it's time for the national scope.
Here is the first edition of 2012-13 FWtCT Bracketology:

(Teams in bold are conference champions/auto-bids)

Last four in: Oklahoma St, Stanford, Arkansas, UMass

First four out: Ole Miss, Iowa, Marshall, BYU

Advancing to the Final Four: Louisville, Kansas, Indiana, UNLV

National Champion: Louisville

Bids by conference:

Atlantic AWESOME. Obviously the A-10 getting six bids seems like a huge stretch in most years, but this isn't most years. The A-10 is stacked, and while six bids may be ambitious I see that league with no fewer than four bids.

The Mizzou Factor. Missouri entering the SEC give the league a RPI and respect boost. I wouldn't be shocked to see Ole Miss grab a seventh bid for the conference.

Bid Thief. The Ohio Valley conference tournament will be played in Nashville, Belmont's backyard. Murray State may win the regular season crown, but I think Belmont takes the tourney title, and both teams get into the Big Dance.

In case you were wondering about my credentials, I don't really have any. I just really love college hoops. Here are my final bracket projections from the last two years.

2011 (65 of 68 picks). 54 of 65 picks were within one seed-line.

2012 (67 of 68 picks) . Iona was my lone snub.

Check back for bracket updates every couple of weeks until conference play, and then I'll update on a weekly basis.