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Mississippi State LOI's Received

Morning folks.

If you're checking us out for the first time, we welcome you to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls and thank you for stopping by.

This post will be mainly for chronologically logging in State's LOI's as they roll in this morning.

If you're looking for further info on State's NSD, check out our other post here including an updated commit list, as well as some helpful links to other State sites giving you information on State's NSD status.



(7:35 am)

Brandon Holloway

Jordan Washington

Nick Schuessler

(7:40 am)

Devon Desper

Devon Bell

(7:45 am)

Deonte Evans

Gus Walley

(7:59 am)

AJ Jefferson

(8:08 am)

Xavier Grindle

Cole Carter

(8:12 am)

Quadry Antoine

Ryan Brown

Torrey Bell

(8:26 am)

Cedric Jiles

Nelson Adams

(8:50 am)

Will Redmond

(8:55 am)

Fred Brown

Kivon Coman

(8:59 am)

Nick James

(9:11 am)

Adarrius Perkins

(11 am-ish)

Benquez Brown

Richie Brown

(2:00 pm)

Artimus Samuel