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Friday Fangraph: Dee Bost's 13 assists push him to SEC lead

Last night Dee Bost played possibly the best game of his career, finishing with 15 points but more importantly 13 assists. Bost ooped pass after pass to Arnett Moultrie and the rest of the Bulldog squad, lifting them to a 70-60 victory over rival Ole Miss.

But last night was also a big night for Bost as he regained the lead in assists in the SEC. With 13 in the game, Bost surpassed (for the moment) Florida SR G Erving Walker, who stands at 119.

It's important to note these stats change daily, and with another round of games coming tomorrow, the lead may only be temporary for Bost. Nevertheless, this graph shows one of many parts of Bost's game that has stood out this year, as his play has spearheaded the team to a 19-5 record thus far this year.

Let's hope Bost keeps his position as the king of the assist world in the SEC.