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SEC Coaches and Their Threads


via SEC Chuck

Today the SEC football coaches held one of their semi-annual meetings in Birmingham. What they were there to discuss isn't relevant, but how they were dressed sure is. Every man has his own taste in clothing and accessories, but every man also has the right to assess and/or judge those men's choices in stitching. Here's a little background information on a what we suspect a few of the coaches were thinking with their attire

Nick Saban, Alabama:

"put me next to the tall, dark and handsome black man will ya? honey, where's my grey blazer and platform shoes?"

Will Muschamp, Florida:

"HELLO, TARGET?!?!? YES, YOUR FINEST LEATHER JACKET PLEASE!!!! And yes please also my usual order of 45393456834238 pallets of Red Bull"

Gene Chizik, Auburn:

"...ah, sure, thanks for asking commish, my shoulder feels much bette..."

/pulls out gun


Dan Mullen, Mississippi State:

/has on suit

/receives phone call that Freeze is wearing team gear

/rips off suit

"I'll be damned if Freeze will outdo me in the team gear department!"

Joker Phillips, Kentucky:

"Ball State I'm ready to interview anytime after November!"

Gary Pinkel, Missouri:

"hey you kids want some candy? I have some in my van..."

Les Miles, LSU:

Steve Spurrier, South Carolina:

"Honey, where's my ole cheerleader chaser suit?"

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss:

"Honey, have you seen my Freezus take the Wheel t-shirt? It's dirty?!?! Ah, just toss me that new Ole Miss pullover"

Bobby Pertrino, Arkansas:

"Poetry, I love you"

Derek Dooley, Tennessee:

"okay ma, GAH! I'll wear the stinkin' orange shirt tomorrow. (mom says something) but, but I wanted to eat at Billy's house tonight! Ah, ma..."