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The Time the Squirrel Got in the Transformer

Last week fellow FWtCT writer Justin Sutton asked folks for some of their favorite Dudy Noble memories. Be sure to flood him with twitters and electronic mails with some of your own. This isn't #1 for me, but is was the most unusual.

I believe it was a Tuesday game as there were not too many people there. If so, I'm sure I had just finished enjoying several 25 cent hot dogs washed down with a $3 coke while I avoided studying. If memory serves, State was playing Memphis that night, and I'm going to call it 2004.

I was sitting in a chair back behind 3rd base. All of the sudden we hear and see an explosion way behind the left field lounge. Then the all the lights in the stadium go out. It was a bit strange. I'm pretty sure it happened between innings, and since it was a Tuesday game my friends and I decided to just go home at that point.

The next day I found out a squirrel had gotten in the transformer and that is why it blew up. It was pretty school I guess, unless you are an advocate for the safety of squirrels. I prefer Moose myself. If you were there and have a better memory than me, feel free to share in the comments. Double-header today vs. Washington State, Go Dawgs!