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MSU/Ole Miss and AUB/Bama Can't Seem to be Good at the Same Time

Quick observation: I was just thinking the other day that when MSU makes the NCAA Tournament, Ole Miss usually doesn't. And the same thing with Alabama and Auburn.

MSU made the big dance in '95 and '96. Then Ole Miss made it in '97, '98, '99, '01 and '02. State made it in '02 as well, then again in '03, '04, '05, '08 and '09. So out of the last 17 years, one of these two teams have made it in 12 of them...but only once have they both made it.

Auburn made the tourney in '99, '00 and '03. Alabama made it every year from 2002-06. So that's an eight year stretch where there was a team from Bamer in the NCAA Tournament every year but one, and only 2003 featured both.

That is your nugget of useless info for the day.