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Random Blog Thoughts



Time to shake off the cobwebs of another long work week and get down with our bad selves.



If you ever followed my old OLD blog (YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T) before I came to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, you know I used to do a posts called Random Blog Thoughts (RBT). Nothing informative, coherent or relevant, just some thoughts that pop into my head and I write them down for your laugh/shock/concern considerations. Here's the latest list:

  • I hear that Joe Lee Dunn spelled backwards is Carl Torbush
  • I wonder if in an alternate universe we always beat Kentucky, and Ron Polk is tall
  • I wonder how many of the fake twitter accounts of college coaches are actually those coaches just saying what they really want to say?
  • I wonder if real people brag about how many followers their fake accounts have?
  • How do you know when spring is officially here? When Mississippi State basketball is squarely on the bubble.
  • If I was a college athlete I would take all the negative tweets people wrote to me after losses and post them on a blog called "s**t my haters say"
  • I am still upset that my wife didn't let us have Hank Flick announce our wedding
  • How awesome would it be if Bill Gates was an avid State fan, and he bought over 50% of the land in Mississippi so we could literally say it was OUR state?
  • Southern Miss is so desperate to be like State, they're even copying our basketball season slump
  • If I was a 5 star recruit, I'd announce my college decision by showing up to my press conference in one of the school's mascot outfits, only to take it off to reveal the mascot of each of my finalists one by one, with the last one being my choice #ultimatetrollin
  • I bet no one will let Eugene Clinton play hacky sack with them because when they kick it in the air he just grabs it and takes off running.

Have a great weekend, you guys.