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Putting a Lid on the 'Fire Stansbury' Stuff

There are several things I didn't mention in my Top 5 reasons to fire Stansbury. I never mentioned his questionable coaching decisions, and I barely touched on all the transfers. If I had a #6 on the list it would probably be how no other school really wants Stansbury. People talk about asking him to retire, but he is 52. I know he's been in Starkville for 20+ years and his wife is from there, but don't you think he would want to continue coaching? If he doesn't, that should tell you all you need to know about his desire.

But who would hire him if he is indeed fired from MSU? There's a possibility of a BCS school, but they would be a lower-tier one. The fact is, no one is hunting our coach, and with his "low" salary that should signal something, right? Don't we want a coach that other schools would like to have? I mean UNC went after Kansas' Roy Williams, no one is immune to head hunters. But we haven't had to increase Rick's pay because no one comes after him.

I've always supported Stansbury, but not now. Things are falling apart, and it's time for a change. It's been a good run, and I hope it can be a graceful exit.

If you missed any of the Top 5 reasons to Fire Stans, here they are:

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