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FWtCT's Radio Show | National Signing Day Discussions

It's Friday, so we did another radio show for you guys, because we thought you might need some entertaining.

I went Cowherd style again this week, but the show was a short one as I was unprepared and outside of NSD, there wasn't much to discuss. I promise you guys a better show next week! May even have something special in the works for ya, I'll keep you informed.

On today's show we talked, of course, about National Signing Day and how State fared after the dust was settled, we talked about State's upcoming stretch of home games and how vital they are to our success, and we talked about how you should go check out the tennis team this afternoon if you get a chance.


Here's the link to the show, or you can listen in the audio player below (we fancy). And if you have Bulldog Sports Radio then make sure to check us out in the lineup today probably around lunch time.