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Cheering for Mississippi State Basketball | FAQ

Recently there's been some grumblings about the atmosphere inside Humphrey Coliseum on gamedays. Some blame the student section for lack of effort, some blame old people for being lethargic in their partaking of the game.

I blame global warming, but that theory really doesn't seem to be catching on.

No matter who the blame falls upon, we obviously want to correct this issue as soon as we can. Our team needs our support, and today we get a chance to show that we can still be one of the loudest crowds in the SEC.

But you may be asking yourself, hey, what all does cheering involve? How do i support my team properly? Will I ever find love? Well, we can't help you with that last question, but to help out with the first two, we've compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list in anticipation of what you may be wondering about in order to achieve maximum fan support from here on out when you attend a basketball game.

WHEN is it acceptable to cheer? The whole game. Start cheering and yelling when you get out of the car. Tell the old lady taking tickets how much you like her sweater at maximum volume. Don't worry her heart can take it. The point is, from the time you enter to the time you leave, you should be focused on supporting your team. Facebook, gossip, WORDS WITH FRIENDS, all these things can wait until after the game. It's two hours of your life. We're not talking about a long time here. Whether you yell from start to finish of the game really is up to you in the end, but the point is, be supportive.


WHEN can I take breaks from cheering? Timeouts, halftime, and when State is shooting free throws. Also when you need to tinkle.


WHAT if State is winning big time. Do I still have to cheer then? Absolutely. Yeah I understand when our team is out there shallacking the opponent, it's hard to stay enthralled in the game completely. But the team still is out there playing hard (kinda), so shouldn't you still be cheering hard (kinda)?

WHAT if State is losing big time. How do I cheer during that? Whiskey. That's really all there is to say about that.

Is there any sort of particular garments I should be wearing to the game? Something team colored is preferable, but outside of that it's really up to you. Oh and no capes, PLEASE.


If the game is close at the end and I forget what I'm supposed to do, what do I do? Repeat anything you see Meo Stansbury doing. A warning though, reaching her levels of fandom may require redbull or maybe a shot of adrenaline.

What if some young whippersnapper is standing up in front of me during the game and I can't see? THEN STAND UP.

Should I take candy from this man they call candyman? Yeah, he's legit.

Look the whole point of this post is to remind you that it's OKAY to be loud. Whether you're a student or an adult, it's important to remember that you all love State the same. And for the two hours that you're in the building, you need to show that as loudly as you can. When our fans get loud, the Hump is one of the most difficult places to play in the SEC, if not country. But that takes all of us doing our part, and it starts today against Auburn. And now in closing to motivate you for today's game, I will leave you with famous words by the great philosopher Blutarski on "when it's over"

animal house-bluto (via DanielSimpsonDayye)