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FWtCTs Radio Show | Egg Ball Pt.2 Preview w/ FOTProgram, Rick Muscles

This week, in preparation for the MSU - Ole Miss game tonight, hosts from both Bulldog Sports Radio (BSR) and Rebel Sports Radio (RSR) have crossed over to opposing networks to offer helpful insight and analysis on their respective teams.

This was not one of those shows.

On this week's edition of the show our guests were the hosts of RSR's Friends w/ Muscles, none other than Bunkie Perkins and Rick Muscles. Bunkie, as you may know, is the owner/operator/head deviant at, a southern sports blog that many of us frequent each day along with EDSBS. Rick Muscles is also a contributor at FOTProgram, but is more widely known for his @RickMuscles twitter account and his charity work with the group Squats for Tots*.


On this week's show Bunkie, Rick and I discussed a number of important topics, including the over-billboarding epidemic in MIssissippi, the proper ways to announce your commitment as a 5-star recruit, Mullen vs. Freeze in several categories, and much more. I'd also like to confirm that I'm fairly sure the term "Freezus" was coined on last night's show (copyright FOTProgram, w/ credit to Rick Muscles and @cristilmethod). We did also discuss tonight's game in there at some point.

Come listen for the insight, and stay for the giggles. Today's show will air on both the BSR and RSR, or you can check out the link here or in a nifty player below.

Carry On.

*We cannot confirm or deny that this charity actually exists.