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Selection Sunday and Stansbury: The Dilemma that Divides Us

I've seen this discussion going on ever since State lost Thursday night to Georgia and the discussion has only heated up as Selection Sunday fast approached. The State fan base is currently divided into two sections:

  1. I want State to make the NCAA Tournament
  2. I don't want State to make the NCAA Tournament so we can fire Stansbury

I understand both sides, and I think this whole situation that we as a fan base are facing is quite a unique one. On one hand, we want our team to be as successful as they can possibly be. We want our senior leader Dee Bost to have a chance to go out on a positive not and give him one final run at the NCAA Tournament. On the other hand, we just want this nightmare of a season to end. And, we know that an NCAA Tournament berth all but secures Rick Stansbury's job for another season, securing another season of mediocrity and disappointment for us as a fan base.

Although I think both sides have a valid argument, I am for #2. It makes me sound like a horrible fan to some of you sure, but in my mind the better scenario in the long run for this program is to miss one year's NCAA Tournament so that we may bring in a new coach which will be better for the program in the long run. Think about it this way: for the majority during Rick Stansbury's tenure, we've been sitting on the bubble each and every season when this specific Sunday comes around. It's the same thing: State has just enough wins to be considered, but just enough ugly losses to be on the bubble or by some considered un-tourney worthy. Wouldn't you rather just miss the tournament for one season to bring in someone that possibly takes this program to that next level that we've been unable to reach under Rick? Don't you want to wake up on a selection Sunday and already know that your team has put itself into a position to make the tourney easily and not sweating it out like we have so many times in the past?

And aren't you tired of the excuses? Croom Diaries hit the nail on the head yesterday talking about Stans and his excuses. And I can tell you if we miss the tournament again this year, he will again cry foul and that we were worthy, while the team's fan base can't forget the horrid losses to Georgia (2x), LSU, and Auburn that we suffered down the stretch.

Here's the question and please leave your thoughts in the comments below because I want to know what YOU think: is making the NCAA Tournament for one season better than being able to get a new coach? Tell us which side you're on. I, however, am ready for a change, so I stand on the side of #2.

And FYI if you aren't already tormented by all of this enough, consider the fact that there's still the chance that we don't make the tournament and Scott Stricklin still doesn't fire Rick. How much fun is that gonna be, right?