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NCAA Tournament Selection Show | Open Thread

The time is almost upon us, you guys. Stop me if you've heard this before, but State will head into the next hour holding its collective breath to see if we made it to the big dance. Many bracketologists are currently showing us as one of the "last four out," but these things are never official until the guys on the tv tell us so here shortly on CBS.

I don't have to tell you guys this, but this year has many State fans torn between wanting the tournament and wanting a change in the head coach position. No matter which side of that argument/discussion you are on, the next step in that journey starts with whether or not the dogs make the tourney, which we will find out very soon.

State stands at 21-11 (8-8 SEC play), with an RPI of 74 (according to State does hold quality wins against Arizona, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Detroit, but the Bulldogs also hold some bad losses, including Auburn, Georgia (2x), and Arkansas.

Come by here and share with us your thoughts on the season, whether or not you think State gets in, and once the announcement is made, whether or not you thought we deserved it. Should be an interesting next couple of hours for sure.

Also be looking for another edition of our radio show tomorrow, as the guys discuss tonight's NCAA selection/snub, and what it means going forward.

And as always, #HailState