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A Beginners Guide to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


Okay, so if you're here on our site reading this, chances are good that you are most likely a Mississippi State fan. You might be asking yourself: self, why should I read this blog? There's already Brad Locke, Brandon Marcello, 24/7 and many additional places for me to get my Mississippi State info from. We here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls would say that's a good point self, but we're not here trying to compete with your everyday go-to Mississippi State info guys.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls is a site for State fans RUN by State fans. We strive to bring you interesting videos, funny pictures, and analysis on State sports from the FANS point of view. In my opinion, what makes this site great is that you can share too, through Fanposts, Fanshots and by commenting on our stories. We're trying to gear new material to be conversational to fans so that this can be a place to talk about State sports as well as read about them.

Then your pesky self might ask you: self, doesn't Sixpackspeak and other message boards provide a place for me to converse on Mississippi State sports? We'd say that's another great point made by your self, self. But again, this isn't a blog trying to replace your Sixpack time. We believe this site can work along side sixpack and other message boards to give you a place to share about State, leave your comments about State, and as we all do at times, come blow off steam about State. We even do Q&A posts with the 6pack guys because we all read the pack, and well we all want to know what the main guys think about big upcoming games.

So if you're still reading at this point, you're thinking okay guy, how do I USE this site then if I do want to come back here from time to time?

Here's some Frequently Asked Questions about the Blog

Where on the site can I find only posts about State Basketball?


When you open our site on the left hand site you'll see a section aptly called "sections." These are the multiple places on our blog where post are divided up according to what the topic was. So let's say that you come to the site and you want to look through our basketball posts, you would go to the "sections" section and click on the MSU Bulldogs Basketball tab and wuahlah! You're looking at all the posts we have ONLY on MSU basketball.

Okay, okay I finally signed up for your site. When I am on the home screen, what is this grey box on the right side of my screen?


This is where you, the fan, make your own magic happen. Say you saw a funny picture of Boobie Dixon today and you wanted to share it with the rest of us on the site. You would go to this section on the right side of the page and click FanShot. FanShot is a fan's way of quickly sharing links, pictures, videos, and quotes with the rest of us. And when the writers see a fan post they find interesting, they sometimes bump them to the front page for everyone to see. You're hard work on full display!

I think your posts on INSERT BULLDOG SPORT was great/awful/funny, and I would like to leave a comment on it. How do I do that?


If you are a member of the site, simply go to the article that you enjoyed / that enraged you and go to the bottom. There you will see the comments section. There you can leave us your thoughts, which can even include your own links, pictures, etc. Use the "preview" button to see what your comment will look like before you post it (believe me, that is worth doing to avoid mishaps).

Do you have any links to other Bulldog sports sites?

Of course we do. We like having handy other popular Bulldog sports webpages, so we want you to have quick access to them too. If you're on our homepage, on the left side of the page, middle of the way down, you'll see a section entitled "Mississippi State Links." Here you'll find quick links to Marcello, Locke, Bulldog Sports Radio, The Junction and many more.


I use twitter alot, can I find you guys on there?

Yes you certainly can. Our site operates on twitter at @mstatesports. Feel free to follow us for Bulldog info in 140 characters or less. You'll also notice that most of our stories tweet out links, so you can follow everything new that we post on Twitter! Also, make sure to check the left side of our homepage to see where you can follow all of our writers on twitter as well!

I use Facebook a good bit, can I find you guys on there?

Yep, you can find us on the Book (as the kids call it) too, at For Whom the Cowbells Tolls' Facebook Page. Most of our stories are linked on our Facebook page and we also add interesting links, pictures etc. on there as well. So if you don't check our site everyday but you do check Facebook everyday, no worries! You can find all of our stories linked right there on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

I hope this post has been at least somewhat helpful in guiding you on how to properly use the site. We are in the process of providing you an "about For Whom the Cowbell Tolls," and you can already check out our community guidelines under the "About FWTCT" sidebar widget on the left hand side of the site. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on the site, or email us at That email comes directly to my (thecristilmethod) phone so I'll see it as soon as you send it!

Happy reading/commenting/posting you guys!