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The History of MSU in the NIT

I love history. So, you can rely on me to provide you with constant 'history of ___' posts as things happen. I was planning a 'history of MSU in the NCAA Tourney'. But, that didn't happen. So, I'll give you the history of us in the NIT. Here goes..

It starts in 1979, a year before the great Jeff Malone wore maroon and white. State lost to Alcorn State in (sorry, I'm still bitter; I'll cheer up later).

Then in 1990 (a precursor of the '91 SEC Championship) MSU beat Baylor by nine at the Hump and then lost to New Orleans in 'Nawlins by five.

In 1994, State lost in the 'little apple' to Kansas State in the first round.

1999 - Colorado State 69, MSU 56.

In 2001, the Dawgs made it further than ever before. They beat Southern Miss at home and Pitt on the road before losing at home to Tulsa in the quarterfinals.

The count so far: 3 wins, 5 losses.

2007: The big kahuna, NIT Final Four. Crushed Valley, Bradley and Florida State before heartbreak at MSG.

In 2010, the Bulldogs secured a 1 seed just like in '07 but it didn't end the same as they narrowly lost to UNC in the second round after beating Jackson State a few days prior.

So, the record is 7-7. This will be Stansbury's 5th time in the NIT; his record is 6-4. That's right, he's the winningest MSU NIT coach.