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What Does This Quote From John Calipari Tell Us About MSU?

After MSU was left out of the NCAA Tournament (along with a couple of other SEC teams), Kentucky coach John Calipari had this to say:

"I was sick to my stomach when Mississippi State lost, I was sick to my stomach when Tennessee lost, because then I felt Mississippi was gonna have to beat Vandy to get in. I felt Tennessee, if they had won that (Ole Miss) game, they would have been in. Some of it falls on us coaches, we have to take care of business, and there are games our teams have to got to win."

Calipari knows State is a good team. He knows State is loaded with talent. After all, the AP just voted 40% of the 1st All-SEC from MSU's roster (same as UK). But then look at that last sentence, "[coaches] have to take care of business". Hey, a guy who recognizes that ultimately coaches are responsible for wins and losses, direction of the team. Calipari, as well as everyone else, knows Stansbury completely wasted the 2011-12 season.