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Recapping the first half...

Hard hitting analysis from the first half...a running log of my thoughts.

18:34---Um...this isn't good. Bulldogs down 6-0 and Slick Rick takes a timeout

18:03-Bad pass and the route is on? 8-0 UMass

17:34-MSU forgets people are needed near the hoop for rebounds

16:30-The Bulldogs just got backdoored...they know how the fans feel

15:49-Two Bulldogs try to rebound...and of course they score for UMass

15:30--*Cracks open a pint*

15:03-Dee Bost trying to beat traffic, picks up second foul, go to commercial

COMMERCIAL--*Shoots Tequila...make that a double shot**

*I like that State Farm commercial*

14:00-This game is so fun, I may go visit my in-laws (I KID)

12:49-How the hell are the Bulldogs only down 6?

12:35-After another UMass 3, I'm reminded of defense I saw in 4th grade church

league play


10:47-I'd say we look ugly, but I don't want to offend Snooki

10:31-Just heard "exposed" and "sidney" in the same sentence..I shuddered for a moment


9:00---Really, only down 5?

8:01-Ball Boys are playing with more effort than some of the MSU guys

7:37-Deville Smith out of control...I copy and pasted that from quite a few games

7:34-Jimmy Dykes got friendly with Bully? That might not be legal.


6:34-Stupid UMass 3 pointers


3:14-man..this is getting ugly again

2:49-Double digits for UMass

2:47-If I am Rick Stansbury, I get a double tech and get out dodge

1:44-Sandstorm...Bob Carskadon smiles

1:00-What did the Bulldogs give up for Lent? Effort?

:20-If no one was still at the Hump, did the Moultrie dunk count

:20-What the hell is an eyebrow fake

HALF-Can we just Old Yeller these guys?