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Will We See Arnett Moultrie in Maroon Again Next Season?

Last night State wrapped up what has been one of the weirdest seasons to date with a 101-96 loss to UMass in double overtime. There wasn't much positive to take away from the game, except that guys like Dee Bost and Rodney Hood left all they had out on the floor. But one thing that really stood out to me last night during the post game was a quote by Arnett Moultrie on his future:

Yes the above is a very broad statement about Arnett Moultrie's future, but if you're like me, you probably thought there's not even a remote chance that he ever returns to MSU for his senior season. Moultrie is considered by most to be a sure-thing first round draft pick in this year's NBA draft, so that assumption that he would never return to MSU was a pretty safe one. But did he open the window last night for a POSSIBLE return? Also last night, Bob Carskadon tweeted this out on possible reasons Arnett would consider returning for another season:

This makes sense to me, because with a guy like Rodney Hood why wouldn't you want to play with him for another season? Especially if you have rid your team of other players who have been detrimental to the team's mental health for several seasons.

So let's recap for a second just so you guys don't think I've completely lost my mind: do I think Arnett Moultrie returns next season? No way. I think he is too high of a pick and too many people have informed him about it already that to return to school would be foolish. BUT, I will point out that guys like my esteemed colleague Justin Sutton and even Jimmy Dikes last night on the telecast have pointed out that another year to work on his offensive game wouldn't hurt Moultrie one bit.

So what has changed then? The fact that Moultrie is considering returning to State. Maybe some of you already knew this and I have just been missing out, but last night was the first time I had seen any mention of a possible return. And although the dogs will be very, very young next season, there's no doubt that the return of Arnett Moultrie would change the discussion on where the Bulldogs may finish next season in the SEC.