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NCAA Tourney Day 1 & 2 For the Blue Collar Man

If I was to say the first two days of the NCAA Tournament were the best two days of the sporting year, not too many people would argue with me (and those that would might also say the sky was green for argument's sake). That's why it hurts so much for the blue collar man.

My collar's more light blue, I spend half my time in an office and half outdoors working. The next two days I'll be working in some beautiful weather, but I'll wish I was in front of a computer for some March Madness on Demand at the office. All those upsets that are bound to happen, and I'll miss them all in the afternoon sessions.

I could watch from my phone, of course. But the glare of the sun leaves a lot to be desired, as in I can't see anything. And it's hard to use tools with one hand and all brain devoted to basketball. So, I'll just have to check the scores every now and then to make sure my bracket has been torn apart like every other year.

For those of you who work in one of those corporate offices that are really strict, that really sucks. At least I'll get a breeze. To the rest, happy tournament watching Thursday and Friday, I'll save you a handful of dirt.