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FWTCT's Short List: Kermit Davis, Jr.

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This is where I think of the quote from Home Alone, "maim, I'm eight years old, do you think I would be here, alone? I don't think so". Should Kermit Davis be at the top, or even near the top of MSU's 'short list'? I don't think so. But, he's a name to consider.

In case you're like me and don't remember 1970s MSU basketball, or you aren't like me and don't study the record book like a sports dweb; Kermit Davis, Sr. was the head coach at State from 1971-1977. He compliled a 91-91 record, and only 44-82 in the SEC. Very poor, but that has nothing to do with his son's ability to coach.

Right now, he's the head coach at Middle Tennessee State.

Career record: 250-182 (Idaho, Texas A&M, MTSU)

2 NCAA Tournament appearances

He was the coach at Idaho in 1989 and 1990 and went 25-6 both years. That got him the job at A&M but it went horribly wrong with a 8-21 record, and he resigned amid possible recruiting violations. He got his second chance with Idaho (for one year) in 1997 and went 13-17. Middle Tennessee State hired him in 2002 and he's been there ever since. Davis has had a winning record at MTSU all but one year (2007). Except for '07, MTSU has never finished worse than 3rd in the Sun Belt, and they won it this year with a 25-6 overall record.

The key here: Kermit Davis played at Mississippi State. He is a Bulldog. Earlier in the year, his Blue Raider squad defeated Ole Miss in Southaven and he commented on how great it was to beat the Bears. He is the same age as Stansbury, and that is probably not what Stricklin is looking for, however, if it comes to be that we are running thin on the 'splash' guys, he would be a nice safety net.