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As a Fan IT Can be the Moments, Not Just Championships

As I was walking out of the Hump on January 13, 2004 I was in shock. MSU had just lost a heart-breaker to Kentucky 67-66. The previous 20 minutes of my life were filled with "what could've been?". But the two hours before that had been the most fun I'd ever had at a basketball game. When I realized this: that even though we had lost I did have a lot of fun at the game, I quickly got over the loss.

As a Mississippi State fan we can't get too hung up on championships. Well, I guess if we loosely define the term (Egg Bowls) we can. But as far as major championships, there hasn't been it's the moments we savor.

I don't think I will ever forget where I was when State got the final out of the 2007 Super Regional against Clemson. It was a close call as to whether or not the makeshift deck I was under in the 'right field lounge' area was going to break. I didn't care though, it was awesome.... so much fun. I can barely remember the two College World Series games we played, and if we'd won the whole thing I'm pretty sure my main memory would be that game at Dudy Noble.

So as you go long the MSU sports journey, just remember to soak up the moment and not remain anxious about the future. As a fan, the experience with your friends and family is what makes it fun...wins are just icing on the cake.