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Spring Depth Chart Released

The spring football roster and depth chart were released today. If you care to hear my thoughts, keep reading.

Well, there's no Micheal Carr, he decided not to continue his football career. Quay Evans chose #54, interesting choice. Dylan Holley took Saulsberry steak's old #55. Denico Autry will be #99...looking to see that number in the backfield a lot this fall.

It doesn't appear that anyone other than Mullen and Koenning wore maroon for their photos. School spirit?

Autry starts behind Shane McCardell...that ain't gone last long. Dontae Skinner is listed behind Chris Hughes; Skinner started most of the 2011 season. Louis Watson is listed ahead of Dee Arrington...that ain't gone last long.

Most of this depth chart has upperclassmen ahead of the younger guys, but redshirt Frosh Joe Morrow is ahead of SR Sam Williams...can't wait to see this guy play. There's a good chance that everyone of the listed 1st string O-line will be overtaken, other than Gabe Jackson.