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Would Steve Prohm Be A Good Hire For MSU?


Earlier this afternoon CBS's Gary Parrish, who calls Olive Branch home, reported that Mississippi State's primary target in the search for its new men's basketball coach is Murray State coach Steve Prohm. This morning we gave you the background information on Prohm, and alerted you to the fact that he has only been the Murray State head coach for a year since taking over for current Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy when Kennedy left for College Station in 2010.

Although it seems quite Prohm-ising to hire this up and coming coach, is it too much of a leap for an SEC team like State? Prohm does hail from the south, and is familiar with talent in Mississippi, as he has recruited the state for awhile while at Murray State both as an assistant and as head coach.

By best guestimates available at this time, State is looking at Oral Roberts' Scott Sutton, Murray State's Prohm, and possibly Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne. By taking a look at this pool of candidates, Prohm is definitely the best available option, but obviously it is still early in the search process, and other names could easily surface within the upcoming weeks.

But, if State is as interested in Prohm as Parrish says, one would have to think he would LEAP toward the opportunity of coaching at an SEC school. So, this begs the question: would you consider Prohm a good hire for State? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to vote in our poll.