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REPORT: Search Firm Contacted Prohm near end of Season

We all know that when a coach at a smaller school has an amazingly successful season, there will be schools looking to poach him. Steve Prohm had that season, only dropping two games, and his Murray State Racers had one of the best in the country in Isaiah Cannan.

As the article states, it isn't surprising that a firm looking for a head coach would contact Prohm, but the fact that it happened close to the start of the NCAA tournament is a bit surprising. If it had been Monday or Tuesday, or even over the weekend, you have to think it does not make such a stink.

From the article, it sounds like Prohm may just be using the attention to get a better contract from Murray State, but he could well be interested in Mississippi State when the time comes. It will be interesting to see if the timing of the contact has a positive or negative influence on Mississippi State's "primary target for now."