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Prohm Puns

Although his name has only been mentioned in the Mississippi State basketball coaching search starting this week, Steve Prohm is already one of the most highly discussed names in the mix. So it goes without saying that as people have been discussing this coaching candidate, they've learned that his last name, Prohm, is easily pun-able.

But you are busy, and probably don't have time to think of a bunch of Prohm puns. That's what we're here for. This is a collection from justinrsutton, Just1broarguing, tbradenbishop, croom diaries, RobbieRandolph, myself and others. Also, if State hires Steve Prohm soon basically every sports writer will be able to just pick a headline from the following list. You're welcome in advance, you guys.


  • Coming Soon to an MSU Basketball Court Near You: "Prohm-etheus."
  • Will Murray State coach make an Im-Prohm-ptu exit to State?
  • Is this the coach that can take State to the Prohmise land?
  • Back to Prohminence for the Dawgs!
  • Is there a Prohmotion in order for Racers head coach?
  • Is Steve Prohmpted to leave the Midwest?
  • New Dawg coach will not comProhmise his "tough love" stance towards players.
  • Prohm King of Mississippi State
  • Prohmiscuous Murray State coach eyeing a new fling at MSU
  • Prohm 2012: A Hire to Remember
  • Prohm-ised One
  • MSU takes Steve (to) Prohm
  • A Prohmpt Response: MSU quicky picks Murray head coach for basketball