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Out of All the Assistant Coaches State Could Hire, Kenny Payne Stands Out

As I said before, I don't think MSU needs to dip into the assistant coaching ranks to find a new head basketball coach. After all, we'd be the only SEC program to have done so. But, people keep mentioning it, and if we are going to do it - let's go with Kenny Payne.

We've already put him on the FWTCT's short list of candidates. He's a native Mississippian, and undoubtedly a good recruiter having been on Kentucky's staff the last two years.

When asked by The Louisville Courier Journal about the possibility of his assistant coach being a candidate at Mississippi State, John Calipari said this:

"You’re not ready to be a head coach unless you’re ready to say no and ready to create discipline in these kids’ lives, and he is. He’s probably tougher on our kids than I am and recruiting speaks for itself. And he grew up there. He would be a good choice."

I've been harping on discipline and effort from our basketball team for a many others have been as well. So, if you combine a good recruiter and a disciplinarian, I think you have an excellent candidate.

But like I said before, we can probably find these qualities in a current head coach rather than an assistant. If we can't find the right head coach, I'd prefer this guy.

Side note - Calipari is easy to hate for many reasons, but he has said nothing but positive and encouraging things about Mississippi State over the last month or so. He's gained a lot of respect from me, I think he is pretty genuine when he says these things.