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SEC Releases Spring Sports Schedule

Filed under the not so breaking news category, the SEC released its 2013 spring sports schedule Friday, which will be the first spring schedule to feature new league members Texas A&M and Missouri. There's nothing really groundbreaking or noteworthy here, other than the fact that State will travel to College Station, Texas next April 12-14 to take on the Aggies at the newly renovated and named Blue Bell Park. I, for one, will be lobbying to go (on hands and knees begging wife) to go see this great college baseball venue.

Aggies Blue Bell Park Tour Feb 2012.mp4 (via BrentLeeZwerneman)

State will face A&M in all the spring sports it appears, including men's and women's tennis, baseball and softball. It also appears that State will not face new member Missouri (pronounced Miz-ur-ah) in any sport other than women's tennis in 2013, but this schedule is only a temporary solution, and more permanent and long-term scheduling solutions will come into play in 2013-14. So there's a chance we can all visit yet another set of SEC Tigers in the coming years.

That's all I got. Have a good one you guys.