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FWTCT's Short List: Jackie Moon

Jackie is definitely an outside-the-box type candidate, but one worth giving a look at nonetheless.
Jackie is definitely an outside-the-box type candidate, but one worth giving a look at nonetheless.

Today we continue taking a look at potential candidates for MSU's vacant men's basketball coaching position with a look at a bit of an outside-the-box type candidate. Today we'll profile Flint Tropics Owner/Coach/Player Jackie Moon.

Pros: Jackie brings the unique ability to coach AND play, so he should have a good feel for what's going on with the players out on the court. His previous experience also includes some general manager duties, so if there's any issues with the concessions at the Hump or with sponsors, Jackie could easily handle that as well, taking the burden off of other Athletic Department officials. Jackie is an out-of-the box thinker, and isn't afraid to use the shoe-slap-to-the-face defense in times when it is needed. Other pros include great hair, unwilling to give up, and being from Flint, Michigan, which also produced Morris Peterson and Mateen Cleaves.

Cons: A bit of a hot head, and at times can lose control of his emotions, the team and even his body parts. He also doesn't bring in the best head coaching record, and frankly his X's and O's seem to be lacking a bit. Willingness to do whatever it takes to get players is both a plus and also a deterrent due to potential NCAA violations. Moon is also a prime candidate to get caught "Richard Williams-ing" with a cheerleader, as he is very much a ladies man.

Overall, I think Jackie is worth taking a look at. State won't be able to get Frank Martin (South Carolina), Shaka Smart (VCU), or Gregg Williams (Wichita State), so I think the natural progression is to move to Moon. He brings in a youth, drive and willingness to do whatever it takes to win that I think would breath fresh air into this problematic program. He should also be able to help the boys improve on free throw shooting where Stansbury could not.

Semi-Pro: Jackie Moon Free Throws (via roxgod666)