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POLL: Sweet 16 or SEC Championship?

Rick Stansbury's been the coach of Mississippi State for 14 years now, and it appears as though he is likely to make his 7th NCAA appearance. But, as we all know, he's never made the Sweet 16. That seems to be a real hang up for a lot of people, which got me wondering....what do MSU fans value more, a Sweet 16 appearance or a SEC Championship?

By SEC Championship, I don't mean the SEC Tournament. I know that after the 2009 tournament there's no way that is more valuable to fans. I'm talking about a regular season championship. And by Sweet 16 I don't mean getting to the Sweet 16 with a chance to advance, I mean losing in the 3rd round. So, which would you prefer? 5, 10 years from now, which would you be more proud of, a SEC regular season championship or a trip to the Sweet 16?