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For Whom the Links Toll - March 5, 2012

(the red stuff takes you places)

Joe Lunardi says Mississippi State is a 11 seed to face Murray State right now. Jerry Palm says we are a 12 seed to play San Diego State.

Mr. SEC thinks State has more work to do than Tennessee and TSUN to get in the big dance. That deserves a Doug Heffernan hand fart.

In an effort to bring you anything related to football, the schedule for SEC Media Days was released today.

USA Today joined Baseball America in ranking the Diamond Dawgs #23 in the country.

Funny man Conan O'Brian picked Mississippi State to win the NCAA Tournament.

Our friends at Bulldog Sports Radio are looking to get Coco on the air via a hash-tag revolution. While you're on twitter, why don't you follow me? And justinrsutton. And thecristilmethod.

In the words of Paul Harvey, "good day".