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Finally This Nightmare of a Basketball Season is Over

Things were looking great for MSU basketball when we were 19-5 on February 10th. The next seven weeks were excruciating. Losing 7 of the final 9 games including five in a row and a first round exit of the lowly NIT, players who didn't care, complete dissension on the team. That was bad.

Then the coaching search. Two and a half weeks of who could it be? Things looked good, bad, up, down. (Throw in losing Deville Smith, Sidney and Moultire going pro, Devonta Pollard saying he's not interested in State anymore). It looked like every school was hiring someone and we were getting turned down at every stop. Dozens of names were mentioned, but in the end Rick Ray gets the job. A complete surprise.

Whatever, I'm just glad it's over. I couldn't wait for the basketball season to end because of the way they didn't care about anything...then the coaching search extended the season from hell. At least during lean years you don't get tied up in knots emotionally. This season was exhausting. But maybe I just care too much.

Rick Ray - please be a good coach. Hail State.