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FWTCT Football Spring Position Previews: This Week's Coverage

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With spring football practice coming to a close this week, the Bulldogs will finish up this upcoming Saturday with the annual Maroon-White Spring Football Game. The game is held every year as a part of Super Bulldog Weekend, which will also feature baseball vs. Tennessee, the SEC Men's Tennis Championships, Sugarland in concert, and much more.

To get you ready for the game this upcoming Saturday's football scrimmage, we here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls will be previewing the team this week, position by position. Over the course of the week we'll talk about who State will have at each position, who they lost, who could make a move up the depth chart, and more. Then after the spring practice concludes, we'll come back the week after with analysis of the spring game, as well as talk about the new faces that will join the Bulldogs this fall and what impact they can make. As for this upcoming week, our coverage will look something like this:


Running Backs (AM), Cornerbacks (PM)


Wide Receivers / Tight Ends (AM), Linebackers (PM)


Defensive Line (AM), Offensive Line (PM)


Safety (AM), Special Teams (PM)


Quarterback (AM), Wrap up Links Post (PM)


Spring Game Open Thread

We hope that you'll come by this week to check out our position previews, and you'll leave your comments on what you see happening at each position as well. We love hearing from you guys