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HUGE Baseball Game Today

We just passed the mid-way point in the season for SEC baseball, so I don't want to say the game today vs. Tennessee is a must win, but I will.

As my co-blogger RobbieRandolph laid out on Tuesday, just winning this series may not be enough to get State back on track for a regional. As he pointed out, MSU needed 14 SEC wins last year to get a 3 seed (Dawgs currently at 7 with 13 games to go). Still lurking for the last two series are Top 5 teams Florida and Kentucky. So even if the Bulldogs can take 2 of 3 against the Bears and Tide, it will be really hard to get to 14 wins.

That's why today's game is so important. A win would make State 8-10 with four series remaining. 2 of 3 against Ole Miss at the Dude and same thing in Tuscaloosa would make the Dawgs 12-12. So salvaging one game in each of the last two series would give MSU 14 conference wins, and most likely a NCAA berth.

Saturdays have not been kind to State thus far; they are 0-5 in SEC play. But maybe Super Bulldog Weekend is just what they need to reverse the curse. It's a big game today....need to wipe out that USC series last weekend with a sweep of Tennessee this weekend. Hail State!