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Dawgs Get a Sweep of Tennessee

Seven pitchers and Matthew Britton finished off Tennessee in 14 innings on Saturday, completing a sweep by winning 3-2. 9,000+ were on hand for the game.

Britton was 3 for 5 on the day. He drove in both runs to make it 2-2 in the 6th inning. In the 14th, he scored the game-winning run on a wild pitch by the Vols.

Evan Mitchell started the game and went 3 1/3 innings. Ross Mitchell, Johnathon Holder, Taylor Stark, Caleb Reed, Ben Bracewell and Luis Pollorena held UT down the rest of the way.

This was a huge win, and a much needed sweep. Tennessee was up two games on MSU coming in, but now the Dawgs have overtaken them and obviously hold the tiebreaker. Coming into the weekend State was 11th in the SEC; currently they are 8th.

1. Kentucky, 12-5
1. LSU, 12-5
3. Florida, 10-7
3. South Carolina, 10-7
5. Ole Miss, 9-8
6. Arkansas, 8-9
6. Georgia, 8-9
8. Mississippi State, 8-10
9. Auburn, 7-10
10. Tennessee, 7-11
11. Alabama, 6-11
11. Vanderbilt, 6-11

Next week: the bears.