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Cowbells & Coffee | Super Bulldog Weekend Recap

cowbells and coffee
cowbells and coffee

Just got back to my temporary home from Super Bulldog Weekend in Starkville. I didn't get to catch all the events, but from what I did witness going on on campus, it seemed like a really good turnout. I planned to attend the men's tennis match versus Georgia, but a late start to the day cancelled that, and the Dogs STILL lost (for those that don't know yet, I appear to be somewhat of a bad luck charm for MSU sports). However I did catch the spring game / concert, which the former I will talk about in more detail in a recap post around lunch. For now, here are my thoughts on this year's Super Bulldog Weekend and its' goings on as a whole:

  • First off, even though they lost to Georgia in the semifinals Saturday, a hearty congrats to Per Nielsson and the Bulldog men's tennis team for a great tournament and winning a second SEC West championship in a row. Per & Co. will now await to see where they will play in the NCAA's. Oh, and even though they didn't make the championship match, their semifinal finish was the highest in MSU history since 2006. Good job guys.
  • Baseball picked up a huge, HUGE sweep of Tennessee this weekend, and it couldn't have come at a better time. State was still licking its wounds from a sweep last weekend at South Carolina and a loss to Ole Miss in the Governor's Cup Tuesday, and really needed a series win at the least to keep itself in decent shape for the SEC Tournament. Well, not only did State get the series win, they pulled out a 14 inning 3-2 victory Saturday to sweep, moving them into 8th place (after all competition finished Sunday), and in a good position for the next two weekends at home versus Ole Miss and in Tuscaloosa against Alabama in two weekends. Ole Miss is the better team this year, but never count this scrappy State team out, especially at home next weekend when the Rebels come to town. It would be nice to see State take 4 of 6 the next two weekends, considering they have Florida (in Gainesville) and Kentucky at home to finish the year. Still need to do a lot well
  • My wife and I, along with several other family members, did attend the spring football game / Sugarland concert Saturday night. A lot of people complained about the idea, but after it was all said and done, I came away impressed and feeling like it was a success for State. Now obviously success to the Athletic Department, success will be determined on where they finished on the bottom line when the ticket sales numbers are finalized, but from a fan's perspective it was definitely a hit. Let me add that no I am not a Sugarland fan, so I don't count the concert as a success because I got to sing some song I liked. I counted it as a success because from my take it was a fun experience, even if we did freeze our butts off, in Mississippi, IN APRIL. I will say that the angle in relation to the stage for fans sitting in the stadium seats was a bad at times as you couldn't see the whole stage. That would be my one thing to improve on for another year down the road should State decide to do this again. That, and maybe get The Black Keys to play next time.
  • We'll talk about the Spring Game in a recap post around noon, but I did want to quickly share a thought that came to mind Saturday. When we were watching the team play on the shortened field, I will admit it looked a bit funny at first, but really you still got to see a decent amount of action from the team, shortened field or not. But the first thought that came to my head seeing the 60 yard field? A Croom offense probably still couldn't score on this shortened field. And yes, I did laugh at myself for several minutes while my wife and family wondered what was wrong with me.

That's all we have for you this morning guys. As a bonus, here's the video I shot of Mullen addressing the crowd just before Sugarland hit the stage Saturday night:

Mullen talks to crowd before Sugarland (via FWTCT)