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Photos from MSU vs USM at T'mark Park

If you've never been to Trustmark Park, whether it be for a Mississippi State game or a M-Braves game, I highly recommend it. It's a great place to see a ballgame, especially on Thirsty Thursday. All I had was my iPhone so the pictures are what they are. Enjoy.

Note: All pictures are clickable to see a larger version - mgmt

Couldn't have asked for better weather. It didn't even get chilly enough to throw on a fleece:

Got lucky with our seats, and fortunately none of the batters hit a tailing foul ball that would've forced me to guard my 32oz beer with an intense ferocity:

These USM players were getting reeeaaal handsy with each other the whole time they were "stretching":


Crowd dragged in about the middle of the 2nd. Maybe it was because USM had little to nothing to cheer for, being blanked 5-0, but I didn't notice them making too much noise. As a result, I'll call the crowd 70/30 in favor of the good guys:

State rocking the 1980s throwback whites, with the high striped stirrups. Easily my second favorite look for the Diamond Dogs behind the greys with the full "Missississippi State" script on the chest:

Yes, I know the picture quality sucks, but holy crap, Wes Rea is huge in person. I saw him from right field last weekend in Starkville, but from 20 yards, you feel like a small child.

If you live in the Jackson metro area, and skipped this, I call you a fool:

Ross Mitchell shuts it down for the Bulldogs. Pitching was top notch for MSU last night. Luckily so, as our struggles at the plate, despite 2 homeruns, continued with State hitting at a .192 clip as a team:

I didn't take too many player pictures, because as you can see above, they're almost tiny with the iPhone. I went looking for Bruce and his dog Tyler (from the show Swamp People) after they threw out the first pitch, but unfortunately came up empty handed. Who knows where that clown disappeared to.

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