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FWTCT Football Post-Spring Preview: Depth Chart

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I am not getting this depth chart from Dan Mullen or anyone associated with the team. This is just how I see things shaking out once we get into the meat of the 2012 SEC schedule. I'll take pretty much everyone who is not going to redshirt into account here, and italicize the starters.


1 - Tyler Russell
2 - Dak Prescott
3 - Nick Schuessler

It's Tyler's job to lose. He's got the experience that Prescott doesn't, and he has the talent to keep Prescott holding a clipboard if he performs well. Hopefully he can stay healthy. With the lack of depth, we may or may not see Dak in the '06 Tebow role a lot of folks are calling for. Perhaps Chad Bumphis or Jameon Lewis will take snaps in the wildcat in lieu of risking injury with Prescott.

Running Back

1 - LaDarius Perkins
2 - Nick Griffin
3 - Derrick Milton
4 - Josh Robinson

Perk has been a solid 2nd option behind Vick Ballard the last two years, and now it's time for him to take the reigns. Of course, it is unlikely he will take on the same load Ballard did. Griffin is the only other player to play in a real game before, and that was in garbage time. Josh Robinson could be a goal line back at 215 pounds.

Wide Receiver

1 - Arceto Clark
2 - Joe Morrow
3 - Chad Bumphis
4 - Chris Smith
5 - Jameon Lewis
6 - Ricco Sanders
7 - Brandon Heavens
8 - Robert Johnson

When talking about the wide-outs, folks seem to forget that Clark was our leading in yards and touchdown catches. Bumphis should be able to pay at the slot more, and hopefully his production will increase because of it. Joe Morrow looks good, and I think Koenning is going to want him out there.

Tight End

1 - Malcolm Johnson
2 - Brandon Hill
3 - Rufus Warren

There should be no debate here. Johnson should do well, and provide Russell with an additional target on 3rd down.

Offensive Line

1 - Gabe Jackson (LG)
2 - Charles Siddoway (LT)
3 - Blaine Clausell (RT)
4 - Dillon Day (C)
5 - Damien Robinson (RG)
6 - Dylan Holley
7 - Tobias Smith
8 - Archie Muniz
9 - Eric Lawson
10 - Templeton Hardy
11 - Ben Beckwith

(Ok, I'm guessing with those last 3 or 4). One proven guy in that whole bunch. You could make an argument for Siddoway I guess.

Defensive Line

1 - Josh Boyd (DT)
2 - Kaleb Eulls (DT)
3 - Denico Autry (DE)
4 - Shane McCardell (DE)
5 - Devin Jones
6 - Quay Evans
7 - Corvell Harrison-Gay
8 - Curtis Virges
9 - P.J. Jones
10 - John Harris
11 - Preston Smith

It's like the talent never ends on the D-line. Got to feel pretty good about these guys getting after the QB, and run stopping.


1 - Cameron Lawrence (SLB)
2 - Benardrick McKinney (MLB)
3 - Deontae Skinner (WLB)
4 - Chris Hughes
5 - Ferlando Bohanna
6 - Matthew Wells
7 - Richie Brown (?)

Solid group here, but really not much depth. Could Richie Brown have to burn a redshirt, or Beniquez Brown?


1 - Johnthan Banks (CB)
2 - Corey Broomfield (CB)
3 - Nickoe Whitley (FS)
4 - Dee Arrington (SS)
5 - Darius Slay
6 - Jay Hughes
7 - Will Redmond
8 - Tavese Calhoun
9 - Louis Watson
10 - Kendrick Market

Those top 7 look pretty darn good.